Staying On Task During AP Testing

How to make sure you are keeping up with your classes during AP season

Katarina Faben, Editorial Board

With the start of AP testing just around the corner, the need for balance in the life of a student is increasingly prevalent. AP testing causes students to miss whole class periods or even school days, which may result in losing track of their class assignments. During AP testing, the need to stay on task is vital, as missing school may cause students to get behind in their classes.

In order to stay on track during AP testing, keeping up with coursework is important. Checking blackboard daily for new assignments and contacting teachers are key elements in doing so and will lead to students being more prepared for their routinely schedules when they return back to class. Even though staying informed on class information is important during AP season, it is relevant at all times of the year when students are not present in classes.

Scheduling one’s time accordingly is also important in keeping up with classes during AP season. Keeping a schedule and recording events are especially important during the coming weeks, as students are busy studying for finals and AP exams, as well as their routine activities. Scheduling allows students to stay organized during the busy weeks of testing.

In preparation for AP exams, getting an an adequate amount of sleep the night before testing is necessary and is just as important as studying, as sleep is necessary to perform to the best of your abilities on test day. Students should take breaks when studying for exams to increase productivity and spend enough time studying for all subjects, regardless of whether students have a final coming up in the class.