Meaningful Holiday Gifts

Unique Ideas for Exciting Friends and Family with Little Things


Haley Longfellow, Editorial Board

There’s a priceless feeling you get when you give someone a gift. Even if it’s something little, a burst of joy accompanies watching a friend or family member get excited about your gesture. 

It’s especially gratifying to gift something clever and sentimental, something that truly suits the recipient. This holds true even if it is a simple trinket; a little thing won’t get easily lost in someone’s mind if it is meaningful. Needless to say, it can be a bit difficult to come across this special item in the first place. Here are some unique gift ideas for loved ones that can be tailored to suit them perfectly.

Do you know someone who is obsessed with an influencer, performer, or reality TV star? Deliver a custom message to them through their icon. Cameo is a service that enables you to quickly connect with a celebrity and have them create a video of themselves tailored to your liking. So, for instance, you can get a video of Dr. Pimple Popper wishing your best friend a Merry Christmas, or you can get a snippet of Santa Claus giving a magical message to your toddler cousin. Prices vary based on who you want to get a message from, but this is a great gift if you need something personalized in a fairly timely manner.

Know someone with a water bottle, computer, or other item that could be adorned with stickers? Websites like Redbubble, Garden24, and even Amazon offer a wide variety of unconventional, inspiring stickers. Think of a fun memory or strange preference of the recipient and find a sticker that reminds you of them. Or, pick a sticker with a quote that you feel suits them. If you please, do a large order of stickers to hand out to lots of friends. This is a good inexpensive gift that can be casually presented, and messages through little things like stickers can make a person feel loved and brighten their day. 

Everyone could probably use a boost of confidence in the morning to make them feel ready for the day! Try gifting a friend a small book for doodling or mindfulness, plus soap with a rejuvenating scent. You can also include some nice hair ties, a small travel jewelry case with compartments, or a ring dish. With or without the other items, a cool idea is to make a personalized ring dish using a small solid plate. Draw a design on it with a sharpie, adding a quote or name if desired. This is a nice way to remind a friend or family member how much you appreciate and support them. 

Do you want to get a personalized gift for someone without going to the store? Are you artistic? Make a small photo and quote booklet! Attach small papers together and print out meaningful photos to add. Decorate it as you please, and write quotes and memories on pages, too. You can even include memes and other visuals you feel the recipient will appreciate. If you have it on hand, you can also format things on a small piece of wood for a room decoration. 

Want to just spread some happiness in general? Make bags of holiday-themed treats such as snack mix, popcorn, or cookies to give out to any friends you may encounter. As simple as it is, it can make someone super happy to be handed a treat out of the blue. This is a great thing to have on hand one random day, especially to give to people whom you see a lot but don’t know very well. Connection can be furthered by a small gesture such as this one.

Image Courtesy of Monika Stawowy