The Big Money in the Holiday Season


Brendan Bellingham, Staff Writer

The holiday season is a time to visit family and spread cheer for all to hear. This time is also met with a break from work and school in favor of the finer things in life. The religious ties to this time of year and that family togetherness means that the sentimental value for December is high for most people. However, money makes the world go round so big businesses harp on this sacred time in favor of profits over morals. 

Having a holiday around giving means that brands would be missing out on massive profits if they were not to advertise and push deals for holiday shopping. Hundreds of millions are spent each season on advertising in exchange for a massive pay off after Christmas and Black Friday. 

The average American will spend $700 on gifts next holiday season and a family that earns $50k a year will spend an average of $800. Once gifts are purchased some of them continue to add market value after their purchase such as car payments, phone plans, and gift cards. Many industries profit off of a once-beloved holiday but the dollar value of the season can never match the sentimental value that the time holds. 

It is up to the individual to determine what this special time holds within themselves. Companies will attempt to grab your attention and draw away from what matters during the holidays. Family togetherness and gift-giving can be wholesome activities far away from any brand labels or money grabs.