Why Bernie Won’t Work

Bernie Sanders Isn't Best for Dems' Interest

Payton Wozny, Editorial Board

   Bernie Sanders has been gaining a lot of attention in the Democratic debate and has been leading in the polls as of the Feb. 19 debate in Las Vegas. His strong, liberal-appealing views, may seem to be the solution for the half of the country that has been unsatisfied and frustrated for the last four years. However, the main priority at this time is healing a polarized nation not resolving every issue that has arisen under President Trump. 

   Bernie is currently the front runner of the Democratic primaries after surpassing Joe Biden and closely competing with Pete Buttigieg in both the Iowa and New Hampshire Caucuses. From a liberal point-of-view, Sanders really brings the whole package by building his campaign on achieving “economic, racial, social and environmental justice for all.” Pledging key concepts like medicare for all, college for all, the green new deal, etc., his campaign truly seems to shine a hopeful light on the future of the country, especially in terms of equality. However, the current state of the nation, Bernie may not be the Dems’ best opportunity for both election or revising the country’s agenda. 

   Bernie’s campaign site claims to be the only campaign with more donations than Trump, but when evaluating the chances of Bernie being elected over Trump, it seems unlikely. His democratic socialist views are feared by a large number of older voters, and historically, young voters cannot be consistently counted on. Additionally, Trump versus Bernie would be the battle of two extremes, causing both frustration and indecisiveness between moderate voters, likely leading to the reelection of Trump rather than the inauguration of Bernie. 

   Further, in a theoretical situation in which Bernie won the presidential election, it would not be much different from that of President Trump’s term, minus the conservative values. With such extreme views, goals will not be able to pass in a divided Congress leading to no progress at all. A more moderate candidate would have a much better chance of both being elected and making significant progress in office, and could potentially heal some of the tension in this polarized country.

Despite all of this, Bernie Sanders appears to be the promising Democratic candidate, although a lot can change between now and the end of the primaries. However, only time will tell where the 2020 election will take the United States.

Photo Courtesy of Business Insider