How Going Minimal can Positively Change your Life

The term minimalism has been around for many years surrounding different religious rituals and ways of style.However, recently it has been a term to declutter one’s life and simplify a person’s lifestyle. Adults and teenagers have been making the switch to a more mindful way of life. Minimalism had a resurgence in around 2017 when Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus became public with their minimalism journey when they founded their website The Minimalists, released their book Minimalism:Live a meaningful life,toured around the U.S, and made a Netflix documentary. The two men became known as the minimalists and were the force behind the new wave of minimalists that emerged in the past couple of years. 


Now, Youtubers have swarmed the web with their tutorials on how to minimize their belongings and to replicate their lives. Beloved organizers such as Marie Kondo use the same methods that minimalists utilize to narrow down belongings and keep only the items that they need or spark joy. This not only can positively change your life, but can benefit the environment.This lifestyle has been said to be relieving and can alleviate stress and overwhelming emotions. It benefits the environment because it decreases materialism and therefore decreases the partaking of consumers in industries such as fast fashion and mass production. This amounts to less waste, and less emissions in the air. 


Minimalism’s ideals is to keep what’s important to you and good quality. Some ways to do this is to take advantage of spring cleaning and attack the cluttered closet or basement or start with small groups of items to give away. This process can also positively impact one’s spending habits and can help keep finances in check. Overall minimalism is a  way of life that can positively influence the mind, body, and others. It isn’t for everyone, however, there are still aspects that anyone could include to make their life simpler. For example, mindfully buying items and frequently donating objects no longer in use. Minimalism can be integrated into life in various ways and thanks to the media now anyone can be a minimalist.