Columbus Day isn’t worth your time

Why we should have a day off for Veterans Day rather than Columbus Day

Payton Wozny, Editorial Board

I’m sure everyone enjoys having the extra day off from school in October to celebrate Columbus Day, but should we? Columbus Day has been causing a lot of controversy lately because Christopher Columbus doesn’t seem worthy of a day of observance. So, why should we waste our time taking a vacation day for Columbus Day when we could take a day off for a much more meaningful holiday like Veterans Day?


To start, in elementary school, we were all taught that Columbus discovered the Americas. But let’s take a minute to think about that. No, Columbus didn’t discover the Americas. Once he arrived, there had already been many natives living throughout the area for thousands of years. “I mean it’s weird that it’s a holiday considering Columbus wasn’t even the person to discover America,” Lindsey Dann(9) said. Plus, Columbus didn’t even make it to the mainland of the continents. He only visited some of the islands in the Caribbean. Why would we spend a whole day honoring a man who barely even touched this side of the world? Also, some have argued that Christopher Columbus’s discovery lead to the killing of many native people. Columbus found the Americas, then went back and told Europe. That led to the European settlements, which then caused war with the indigenous people and contributed to kills of a good fraction of the native population. So Columbus Day shouldn’t be a reason to take a day off from school. “To be honest, it’s just like any other day to me,” Ally Silas(9) responded when asked about the topic.


We shouldn’t let this impractical holiday take up one of the few days we receive off for during the school year. Veterans Day honors all the brave men and women who have fought for our freedom in this country. When asked her opinion about having a scheduled school holiday for Columbus Day or Veterans Day, Annie Wolsborn(9) said, “Veterans day so we can spend the day with veterans.” It is important to show our appreciation for these brave people and treating this significant day like a regular day seems disrespectful. Veterans Day is much more worthy of a day off than Columbus Day.


We can still credit Christopher Columbus with sailing to the Americas and informing Europe of the continents, but he doesn’t seem worthy of a national holiday. Veterans Day is a much better option and you will still receive your day off from school!