How far will they go for content?

Gracie Mouzavires, Staff Writer

Do you support Logan Paul and Ricegum

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Recently there has been a lot of talk over popular YouTuber Logan Paul’s trip to Japan. Logan Paul has over 15 million subscribers and has a huge influence over the kids who watch his videos religiously. On this trip Paul and his friends proceeded to make fun of the people and the culture of Japan. His trip was documented through his infamous vlogs and they show him being incredibly disrespectful.  

As if his rudeness was not bad enough, Paul also made a trip to the suicide forest during his stay. The Aokigahara forest, otherwise known as the suicide forest, is known as a place where many people choose to commit suicide. Paul and his friends went to the forest and saw  what looked like a dead body. Instead of going to ask for help to let someone know of what has happened, he proceeds to go get a full view of the corpse while him and his friends laugh. It is shocking how someone could treat someone with such utter lack of respect. Since Paul is an adult, it is especially surprising that he could act so immature and disrespectful in such a dark moment.

After Paul was faced with backlash, he released a half hearted apology video where he quickly apologized for his mistake and then went on to talk about his influence over his fans. The majority of Paul’s fans are about 12 to 13 years old making them even more impressionable since they are still developing. These kids worship Paul and continue to support him and his actions. YouTube is continuing to grow as an app with more and more people using it everyday. These kids look up to the older YouTubers they watch, thinking that all they do is good. When you have such a huge following and there are millions of kids looking up to you and idolizing you, you have a responsibility to set a good example which Paul did not live up to, unfortunately.

Other YouTubers are guilty of doing the same thing. Their desire to produce content and make money is greater than their desire to set a good example for the kids who look up to them. Ricegum is another YouTuber who is guilty of setting a bad example for the kids today. Ricegum is known for his ‘diss tracks’ where he makes a song consisting of mean things about another person. Ricegum is a bully who makes millions of dollars for being just that, a bully. Instead of being reprimanded, these YouTubers are being rewarded with money and fame showing kids that being rude and disrespectful towards others brings you nothing but admiration. Next time you go to click on a new YouTube video, think about who you are supporting.