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10 stress relieving tips

Sally Park, staff writer

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At this point of the semester, many of us are currently dealing with stress. But not many of us are able to deal with the stress in a healthy manner. So here are ten ways to deal with your stress in this chaotic time of the year.



  • Dedicate one hour a day to yourself


In the midst of our busy schedules, it’s easy to get caught up in schoolwork. Make sure that you have at least one hour a day of ‘me time’. You could watch a movie, talk to friends, paint a picture, etc. Anything that makes you happy!


  • Consider taking yoga classes


Yoga focuses on self awareness, and simply listening to our body. Meditation is also done in yoga and can help you de-stress. The various stretches done in yoga could also help you get rid of any tension inside your body.


  • Plan ahead


Be aware of what’s going on in your life by bullet journaling or keeping a planner on hand. This easy method could help you keep your life organized while helping you stress less. Write weekly reminders, homework assignments, and weekend plans.


  • Eat spicy food


Spicy food helps with stress, based on a study. Eating spicy food will increase serotonin which will make you feel happier.  However don’t over do it or it could lead you to becoming sick.


  • Sleep around 7-9 hours per night


A lack of sleep can cause you to be more sensitive to stress and anxiety. Be sure to get a healthy amount of sleep each night, and try to sleep at the same time every night. Avoid naps if possible.


  • Use a stress ball


Release tension through a stress ball. You could buy or make your own stress ball for a cheap price.


  • Try lavender scents


Lavender scents help you relax, and it can also help you battle with insomnia. So stock up on lavender scented products such as sprays, lotions or even hand sanitizers. Whenever you feel stressed, apply some lavender scented product on your skin. You could also spray it on your stress ball or your pillow to make you fall asleep quicker.


  • Tackle each task in chunks


Looking at everything you have to do for homework can be overwhelming. Take each assignment chunk by chunk. For example, today you could plan out your essay, tomorrow you could write the draft, and the next day you could revise and edit. Instead of cramming all the work in one day, spreading out the work can help you feel less stress in the long run.


  • Keep a stress journal


Keeping a stress journal can help you center your emotions into one particular item. This method can help you de stress and have less anxiety and anger as well. In a notebook, write or draw about anything that’s stressing you out.


  • Talk to a friend or an adult


Talking to a trusted friend or adult can help you make decision, de stress and overall feel better about your situation.

Autumn Brown, a freshman student said, “I read fan-fictions to relieve stress.” Bella Pacheco, another freshmen student said, “I relieve stress by talking to my girlfriend, and playing my instruments.” Both of these methods are healthy ways to manage stress. So this week, make it a personal goal to de-stress when needed using these 10 methods for stress management!

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10 stress relieving tips