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How Oakton students plan to participate in the nation wide movement for gun control

Clare Sparling, Staff Writer

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The deadly shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School has shaken the nation to its core. Yet despite the horrors that have occurred, the students of Stoneman Douglas have risen up in the face of adversity and are ready to tackle the issue of gun control. Students such as Emma Gonzalez, David Hogg, and Cameron Kasky have grabbed the national spotlight as their clear voices resound a cry for change. What these students have done is transformative, they have changed a national disaster into a national movement. This moment is really revolutionary not only for the movement but for our generation as well. This is the first time we really see students our age taking the spotlight and pushing for reform. We have begun to see leaders from our generation make a real impact in the world.

Students at Oakton are also ready to join in the fight for change. Sophomore Sitara Sastry hopes to attend to March for Our Lives, created by students of Stoneman Douglas, which is being held on March 24 in Washington DC and cities around the country to protest current gun laws. Sastry explains, “I want to go to the March because I want to use my first amendment right and advocate for something as important as gun control. This march will show politicians that people of all ages are concerned about this issue and agree that actions needs to be taken.” Sastry’s opinions resonate with many at Oakton who plan to join in the fight.

Additionally, for those who are unable to travel to DC but want to make a statement, walkouts are being hosted at schools across the countries for students to protest. Aditi Iyengar (10)is looking forward to the walkouts. Iyengar said, “I’m going to participate in the bigger ones that I think are going around the country. I think there is one on March 14 and April 20th because I think it is more important, I know there have been quite a few going recently but not many people have done it and i think it is more important to have the whole country doing it all at once and I feel like that will make more of a statement and that will be more beneficial.”

Whether or not you want to march through the streets of D.C. or walkout at your local school, there is way for anyone to participate who wants to. The students of our nation are making history and represent the growing the rise of leaders from our generation.

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