Summer break is almost here!

Gracie Mouzavires, Staff Writer

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The end of the year is approaching and everyone is counting down the days until summer vacation. The time between spring break and summer break is a rough time for students. There is the pressure of third quarter ending and finishing all of your assignments before the deadline as well as SOL’s, AP tests, and finals approaching. Kids are also excited for summer break and the warm weather approaching, because of this some  have completely checked out and there is even a countdown until graduation on the wall in the hallway. Kids should definitely be excited for finishing a year of high school, and especially the seniors who are leaving this year. Although it is a good thing to be excited for the warm weather and summer break, it is also good to buckle down and complete the rest of the work for the school year. Most classes are finishing up their final units to prepare for the sols and finals which makes it crucial that students continue to keep up a good work ethic.

“I am very excited for summer break but this is also the toug

Everyone I know is working so hard to prepare themselves for finals”

— Tommy Mika

hest part of the school year with students rushing to complete everything especially with the end of third quarter,” said Tommy Mika (9). “Everyone I know is working so hard to prepare themselves for finals,” said Mika. Although most students put a lot of hard work into maintaining good grades, some kids couldn’t care less. “The majority of the kids in my class have checked out, everyone is just counting down the days until summer break and not really caring about how their grades turn out,” said Mika. This is the cases for plenty of seniors, most kids have already been accepted into a college so they don’t feel like they have to try anymore.

Although being excited for the break is very reasonable it is also important to push to the finish and be able to end the year on a positive note. In a lot of ways this is the most important part of the year but most kids are only thinking about their plans for summer vacation. It makes it much harder to focus with the warm weather but it is very important with finals approaching that students focus. June 15th is just around the corner and soon enough it will be the last day of school. This part of the year always seems to move buy the slowest, but thinking of the joy of getting out of school makes it a little easier to push through this last part of the year.

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