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Is college really that important?

An indepth article on whether or not college has a significant impact on your life

Sally Park, staff writer

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From a young age, the importance of education is stressed on our impressionable minds. Our teachers and parents would pressure the importance of being accepted into a college of a particular rank onto us. The hard work of our four years of high school seems to have boiled down to what college we get accepted to, but is college really that important? After an extensive amount of research, I present to you my conclusive findings on this sensitive topic.


To put it down simply, it’s really up to what you want to be. Whether or not you should even go to college or what college you should strive for boils down to the profession you would want to pursue in the future. The courses you study, and the college you apply to should be a direct representation on what you desire to be in the future. For the typical competitive high salary jobs such as being a doctor, judge, lawyer, etc. it is highly recommended and necessary to go to the best possible college you could afford to attend.


But despite all of this, it is important to know your limits. If you know you can’t handle the pressure then do not attend that college. If you would like to become an actress or actor when you grow up, there are of course, colleges for these type of professions. However, if you find another method to get the training you need to improve, then go for it! For such jobs in the entertainment industry, the level of skill you acquire and how you express such talent are far more important than the grades you get in a particular college. Such examples like these are common, so make sure you think ahead.


The higher ranked college you graduate from, the higher chance you have of receiving certain jobs in highly competitive fields of work. The job market is extremely competitive, and companies would rather pick an employee of a higher degree of education than one who didn’t attend a college. But nonetheless, if you work hard and get good grades in a lower ranked college, you could always transfer to a higher ranked college after a year of hard work. Ivy Leagues such as Cornell, can be very open to accepting transfer students.


But what if you didn’t get into the college you were eyeing? In this case, do not beat yourself over it! Regardless of which college, you’ll still be able to receive the level of education needed in order for you to succeed. The most important part is that you tried, and there are a countless number of opportunities you will encounter in the future that will make up for it. Just make sure to try your best in whatever college you are planning on attending. You have come to the age where the number of job opportunities seem to be endless.


We are approaching the end of the school year, and with that, many seniors are preparing their leave for college. Whether or not you got into the college you wanted to get accepted to, the most important part is how you spend the time from now on. The next couple of years could make or break it for you. So with this mind, let’s work even harder from now on to ensure your success!

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Is college really that important?