The Abortion Debate

Abortion is a hot topic issue in today's political sphere.

Jacob Rutzick, Staff Writer

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Abortion is a very hot topic in the modern political sphere. Some people will say abortion should be acceptable at any point during a pregnancy. This is the official position in the democratic political platform, and it is disturbing. Abortion is really about the simple debate of whether or not the baby inside of a woman’s uterus is a life or not. If it is a life then it is illegal to kill the child, and if it is not a life then it can be removed as nonchalantly as an appendix. I will be breaking down a few of the lefts key counter arguments towards pro-life people.

At what point is the fetus classified as a human life is what the left often asks. If the left believes that a fetus is not a life it is still a potential life. If left to its natural course it would become a human child and that should be more important than someone’s convenience. The left often brings up the argument that the fetus is in a woman’s body and therefore she should be able to decide whether or not the child is born. This argument is very similar to the 1860s argument in which slave owners argued that because the slaves were on their property they could choose whether or not the slave was a person or property. The left speaks the language of morality when in comes to abortion. This means that leftists will often bring up the infamous rape case. They will say that we need to keep abortion legal because rape victims should have a way to kill the child they had with a rapist. However, only two percent of a abortions in the United States are done by rape victims, and the left is not willing to say that the other 98% of abortions should be banned. The left wants to make every right leaning individual into a bad person by using examples like the rape victim. Along with this, the left often uses identity politics as the reason that you should not be allowed to have an opinion on abortion. The fact that I am a white male does not change the fact that murder is murder. If an asian man murders another asian man should only asian police officers be able to arrest him.

Abortion will remain a hot topic in the U.S. for years to come. That does not mean that left leaning and right leaning individuals can not have civil discussions on the merit and morality of abortion for the foreseeable future. People’s opinion should never be silenced even if many individual people disagree with it.

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