Looking Back on the Kavanaugh Hearing

Jacob Rutzick, Staff Writer

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Brett Kavanaugh was finally confirmed and sworn in on Saturday, which marks the end of the liberal witch hunt to prevent Kavanaugh from voting on the abortion issue. As this whole process comes to end, it is important to look back at some of highlights and lowlights from his extensive confirmation process.

My favorite highlight was undoubtedly Lindsey Graham’s anti-democrat rant during Kavanaugh hearing. This caught me by surprise because senator Graham is not known as the spark plug we all saw during the hearing. Graham’s speech was further evidence of the political mess the whole thing was. Graham targeted his speech at Trump republicans to fire them up and get them to the poles on November 6th. Brett Kavanaugh not answering half the questions he was asked by the democrats was simply hilarious. I don’t know how many times he said he wanted a hearing the next day, but I do know he was never asked when he wanted the hearing. Kavanaugh frantically trying to answer any FBI investigation shows just how devious the left is. If a real FBI investigation occurred it would take months, and in those months the democrats would have won back the senate and Kavanaugh would never be confirmed. For some reason, Kavanaugh’s water drinking habit was one of the best parts of the whole hearing. The SNL sketch of the hearing did a hilarious bit on Kavanaugh’s water drinking.

There were also many lowlights of the hearing. For example, everytime senators Grassley or Finstein spoke. All the hearing proved was that both those senators need to retire as soon as possible. Actress Alyssa Milano staring angrily at Brett Kavanaugh during the entire hearing was just strange. There was no reason for her to be there, there must be someone more important than her that needed a seat. Why did she need to be there? The lowest of lowlights was everything Cory Booker did. His questions were poorly written and redundant. However, his worst action was by far his angry speech before Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote. The speech itself was fine, but the anger in his voice only drove liberals away from Booker. The left had just spent the last week saying that Kavanaugh’s anger was evidence he raped Dr. Ford, and Booker’s anger was very reminiscent of Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh’s confirmation is a bad sign for all pro-abortion people in the United States. The only reason the left didn’t want him confirmed is that there is an impending supreme court on the legality of abortion, and five conservative votes spell a serious change in the policy.

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