Abudukadier Zainaipuguli, staff writer

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Bad habits are simple response to stress and boredom. Whether it is biting nails, eating junk food, or wasting time on the internet, you can replace bad habits to a good one. Bad habits interrupt our daily lives and prevents us to accomplish our goals. The question is: how can one overcome bad habits?


Think about one of your bad habits

Commit to a goal to break your bad habit. Be honest with yourself. Ask questions, like: Why do I continue with this routine even though I know it’s bad for me? How many times do you do it each day? How do I set an effective goal to overcome the bad habit? Try to replace the bad habit to a good one. Reward your good behavior, and distract yourself from temptation.


Find someone to help you with the plan

Silent promises when breaking a habit won’t do the trick. Instead, pair up with someone and help one another. The two of you will celebrate your victories together and hold each other accountable. It helps you just stay on track. By both giving and receiving support from each other, you keep the goal in focus.


Continue with your plan

Breaking a bad habit takes time. Be patient.  “Consider the 21-day rule, whose roots go back to the 1960s pop psychology book Psycho- Cybernetics. This book says it takes a minimum of 21 days for an old mental image to dissolve and a new one to gel.” Recent studies have suggested that how long the process takes depends on both the individual and the habit.

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