Capitals Start the Season Strong

Sara Boddie, Writer

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The Capitals start the season strong after coming out of a huge Stanley Cup win. They’re first game of the season, they defeated  the Boston Bruins, 7-0. Team captain Alex Ovechkin comes out on to this ice with no slack, scoring two goals in the first two minutes. Goals by T.J. Oshie, John Carlson, Brooks Orpik, Jakub Vrána, led the team to a 7-0 win.

 Tom Wilson, who has been suspended for 20 games for a recent transgression, made a surprise appearance on ice, completing full warm-ups and introductions, and exiting previous to the puck drop.

  During the pre-game ceremony at Capital One Arena, an exciting championship video was projected on the scoreboard, emphasizing their big win at the Stanley Cup. Ovechkin brought the shining, silver cup onto the ice and skated a lap while holding it in the air. As soon as Ovechkin kissed the cup and put it back in the box, the team made a bold statement about how they want to win it back.

   I interviewed Ellie Walker from Flint Hill about this upcoming Caps season. “The Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup the past two years before the Capitals. Do you think the Caps will be able to carry on the trend?” I asked. “I think the Caps have full potential to win the Stanley Cup again, although there are some rough teams out there such as the Penguins. I think it is a big step back for Tom Wilson being suspended for 20 games, but that’ll only make them work even work harder.”

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