BTS recent rise of worldwide fame

An article reasoning behind the recent rise of fame surrounding BTS

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BTS recent rise of worldwide fame

Sally Park, Staff Writer

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A Korean pop boy group by the name of BTS has risen to worldwide fame being deemed as the world’s biggest boy band. From being featured on multiple award shows, talk shows, and conferences such as the Billboard Music Awards, the American Music Awards, and the UN, to selling out every concert so far in their current world tour, the achievements BTS has since reached seems to be never-ending. Some who are not interested in such areas of pop music may wonder about the type of attributes BTS may have to lead to such feat at their young age range of twenty to twenty-five. So what exactly lead to the rise of fame of this globally recognized boy group?

The most significant reasoning behind their rise in fame is the type of music they produce. More specifically, the underlying themes behind their songs. Despite all their songs being in Korean (after all, it is Korean pop music), BTS never fails to touch on important topics such as the stigma surrounding mental illnesses, the generational gap between wealth and opportunities, political apathy, self-love, how students are turned into ‘studying machines’, how girls should be confident and live how they want, and the list goes on. Many of these topics are not talked about nearly enough but are directly related to the type of struggles teenagers all around the globe face on a daily basis. This attracted many teenagers and students in Korea as their suicide rates remain to be one of the highest in the world. On top of their meaningful lyrics, their songs are sure to have a detailed and powerful choreography, skillful rapping, and breathtaking singing performed by these seven members of BTS.

In addition to this, few members of this boy band have even opened up about their own struggles with mental disorders on several interviews, something that many celebrities stray away from. Instead of pretending to be flawless individuals as many celebrities are pressured to be, BTS has instead expressed their raw authenticity towards their fan base which could be one of the many reasons that lead to their current success.

Another significant reason behind their global recognition is the abstract and individualistic concepts they produce by every comeback. Each comeback tends to have its own type of concept concerning the type of music they perform, their hair, music video, makeup as well as their outfits. Their unique style that comes with their talented performance is one that is eye-catching, and it has gone to the point that it is no longer a rare sight to see shops copy the type of clothing these boys wear.

Due to these reasons, it’s no wonder that BTS has gone to the level of success they are at right now. Through their relatable lyrics, memorable concepts, powerful choreography, rapping, and singing, their fan base continues to grow, leading to their current success.

One morning, I opened my eyes/ And wished I was dead/ I want someone to kill me/ In this loud silence I live to understand the world/ But the world has never understood me, why”

— RM (Song title: Always)

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