Cougar Time Rumors

Will anything change?

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Cougar time is an integral part to any Oakton student’s day and provides 32 blissful minutes of relaxation and enjoyment. As we move into the third quarter, there are rumors that there will be changes made to cougar time. Can these rumors be confirmed?


Among the rumors that are going around, the most popular one is that cougar time will be replaced with flex, or assigned periods that students must go back to instead of choosing which class they go to. A freshman said about this, “If the rumor I heard turns out to be true, it would be very ineffective. It would be very hard to schedule meetings with teachers, work on projects with other students, and get help you need.” This strikes true with many students because, when asked, students said that their favorite aspect of cougar time was that they had the freedom to choose which class they wanted to go and get help from their teachers.


This rumor seems credible as even with the changes made, it is still similar to cougar time as students would still be going back to each class, albeit being designated. However, a sophomore heard that any changes being made to cougar time would be in effect after we returned from winter break and said, “I don’t think it’s going to happen because we came back and nothing changed.”


Another rumor that a student heard was that we would have advisory more often. Though the student who heard this rumor thought it to be reliable, this rumor is most likely false because although advisory is necessary, having it more often would not greatly benefit anyone. Since advisory is for school- wide announcements/activities, having it more often rather than cougar time or flex would take away from a student’s ability to get the help that they need.


While it is still unclear whether any changes will be made to cougar time, we all hope that these rumors are untrue because it is evident that the majority of students enjoy how cougar time is now.

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