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Fabian Gonzalez-Cortes
Fabian Gonzalez-Cortes, Staff Writer at the Oakton Outlook with a focus on local, national, and international news with an emphasis on public policy and government. During his tenure as a Model UN member, he’s earned the “Best Communicator” award his freshman year and represented Oakton High School at the UVA VAMUN Conference. As a sponsored student of the Arlington LULAC Council, he represented the state of Virginia at the LNESC Washington Youth Leadership Seminar on Capitol Hill and the White House. He has also had the pleasure of serving as your Young Republicans and Young Libertarians Club President where they expanded to become the largest political clubs in the school, beating out Young Democrats. When not writing for the Oakton Outlook, Fabian likes to frequent political conventions where he’s had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with the likes of congressmen, congressional legislative assistants, policy researchers, state legislative and gubernatorial candidates, nationally recognized journalists, and economic experts on monetary policy.

Fabian Gonzalez-Cortes, Staff Writer

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Fabian Gonzalez-Cortes