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2016-2017 Staff

Ethan Sullivan


Ethan has served on the Outlook for 3 years, (formerly as a staff writer and news editor) and currently leads the publication as Editor-in-Chief. With journalistic interests that range from politics to school administration, Ethan...

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Kathryn Tatum


Kathryn is an Editor-in-Chief of the Oakton Outlook and has been part of the staff for four years.  She has previously served as the Photo Editor and the Feature Editor of the publication. Her favorite journalistic pieces to...

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Steven Stavrakis

Editor In Chief

An Editor In Chief of the Oakton Outlook, musician, mountain man, politically inclined and philosophically compelled. Several years of writing, traveling, and learning has lead me to develop an appreciation towards the power ...

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Katie Thompson

Opinion Editor

Katie Thompson is currently a junior at Oakton High School. She has been a member of the Outlook for three years, and is currently the editor of the opinion section. She is most interested in writing stories involving politics...

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Rebecca Woodhouse

Feature editor

As a Junior at Oakton high school, this is Rebecca Woodhouse's third year writing for the Oakton Outlook. Rebecca is currently the feature editor, and enjoys staying updated with the interesting lives other people live. When...

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Tori Heiberg

Chief Political Correspondent

Hi, my name is Tori Heiberg and I'm a co-host on The Weekly Turnout. I currently attend Broad Run High School and will be attending William & Mary in the fall, where Ben Wagner and I will no doubt be sharing some political...

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Ben Wagner

Chief Political Correspondent

As the co-host of the new web series The Weekly Turnout, Ben is looking to broaden his horizons in investigative journalism and film making. With interests ranging from American history to public policy and political science, Ben's ...

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Ishika Jain


Ishika Jain is a junior who has been involved with the Oakton Outlook for 3 years. She was Design Editor last year and this year she is the InDepth editor. She is an avid club participant  as she is president of the Student United...

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Brendan Bellingham

Staff Writer

My name is Brendan Bellingham and I am a freshman here at Oakton High. I chose to become a part of the newspaper staff because of my love for writing and my drive to meet new and interesting people at this school.

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Lindsey Katsaros

Staff Writer

Lindsey Katsaros is currently a junior at Oakton High School and has been a part of the Oakton Outlook for three years. She attended the National High School Journalism Convention last year, to further her knowledge in the field....

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Arthur Kennington

Sports Editor

My name is Arthur Kennington, I am a Junior at Oakton High School and have been on the Oakton Outlook Staff for 3 years. This is my first year being a Sports Editor on the staff and I am a big fan of watching professional baseball...

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Snehal Srivastava

Staff Writer

As a new journalist and a senior, I’m hoping to broaden my horizons in writing and reporting by being a part of the Outlook team this year. My passions include dance; I’ve been dancing for almost 10 years and I’m currently a...

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Maddie Sheifer Staff Bio

Artwork Editor

Hi! My name is Maddie Sheifer and I’m a senior this year at Oakton. This is my second year on the Oakton Outlook staff. Last year I served as a staff writer and I am excited to be this year’s Artwork Editor. This means I am...

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Fabian Gonzalez-Cortes

Staff Writer

Fabian Gonzalez-Cortes, Staff Writer at the Oakton Outlook with a focus on local, national, and international news with an emphasis on public policy and government. During his tenure as a Model UN member, he’s earned the “Best...

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Hannah Cho

Staff Writer

I’m a high school senior and aspiring journalist, and this is my first year as staff member of the Oakton Outlook. As a student who has always been very interested in learning about the fundamentals of great journalism along...

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Nick Sims

Staff Writer

I am a new journalist at Oakton Outlook, and I look forward to finding new fascinating stories. As I enter my first year in Journalism, I'm extremely excited to express myself through my writing. I'm a captain on the Oakton Football...

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Theo Meale


A journalist of the Oakton Outlook, hope to be politician, traveller, serious student. Traveling around the world, writing about my experiences, and following political events have taught me the importance of good journalism. C...

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Finlay Kuester

Staff Writer

Finlay Kuester is a junior and new author for the Oakton Outlook. He is a part of Oakton's drama department, and is passionate about theatre both at school and in the community. He intends to study stage management and design...

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Jennifer Coon

Copy Editor

As a veteran of the Oakton Outlook, Jennifer (right) has seen the paper and her skills evolve since the beginning of her time as a member of the staff. This year, Jennifer is a junior and copy editor of the paper for the second...

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Nikhil Mahajan

Staff Writer

A new writer to the scene at the Oakton Outlook, gamer, reading enthusiast, open learner and third culture kid. Limited year(s) of journalism but quite a few under the belt in terms of writing. My writing is typically inspired...

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Jake Neuffer

Staff Writer

As a rising journalist, I look forward to writing a variety of stories for the paper. I love politics, but political neutrality is a core tenant of my writing philosophy. My aim this year is to deliver information to people ...

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