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How does Mental Health Affect Athletes?

Dilara Vural, Staff Writer May 11, 2022

          Lately, the importance of mental health has become widespread throughout the athletic community. It is very important to advocate this topic in the athlete world. There are many students...

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AP’s = Overrated?

Are AP Classes Too Much For High School Students?
Layla Abshire, Staff Writer May 5, 2022

As students enter the AP testing season, last minute studying and stress piles up on top of a heavy end of the year workload. Some may question if all this stress is worth what AP classes and exams put...

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Microplastics in Human Blood? | New Study Shows the Presence of Microplastics within the Human Body

Emma Dennis, Editorial Board May 5, 2022

Scientists have been concerned about microplastics and their negative effects on life for years, will their concerns soon become a reality? Recently, scientists have made the alarming discovery that microplastics...

All About Our Wonderful Mr. Waxman

All About Our Wonderful Mr. Waxman

Tyler Donaldson, Staff Writer May 5, 2022

Introduction Mr. Eliot Waxman is a government teacher here at Oakton.  He teaches USVA Government HN, AP US Comparative Government (Super Seminar), and AP Research. According to Mr. Waxman, the best...

The mind of an Artist

Dilara Vural, Staff Writer March 1, 2022

Why she started and where it originated from    Oakton Senior, Zoe Gordiyenko, is having her artwork displayed in the Ernst Cultural Center museum from February 11th-March 4th . She has been drawing...

New opportunities for Dasha Potapov

Dilara Vural, Staff Writer December 9, 2021

        Dasha Potapov committed to UCONN and will be rowing for division one crew starting next fall. Dasha started rowing when she was 14 years old as a freshman and her enthusiasm for rowing never...

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Modern crime: the decline in crime

Nour Al-kaaby, Editoral Board September 26, 2021

America had reached its all-time high in crime rates in 1990. From the crack-cocaine epidemic to murder rates being higher than ever. The crime was only predicted to rise despite national efforts. Although...

Snoozed through COVID

How has COVID-19 affected your sleep schedule?
Morgan Pearson, Staff Writer September 24, 2021

COVID 19 has totally changed our lifestyles in undeniable ways. One of the many things that have been extremely affected is sleeping schedules, yet, not always negatively. As for a study conducted by SleepStandard,...

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Looking Back at 9/11

Kaleb Steele, Staff Writer September 22, 2021

The Plan   In 1996, Khalid Sheik Mohammed met Bin Laden in Tora Bora, Afghanistan, to plot a plan to hijack airplanes and form a massacre in the air. The original plan for them was to target...

How Ballet is Affecting Teens Body Images

How Ballet is Affecting Teens Body Images

How Young Women at Oakton are Affected by Participating in Ballet
Jade Brooks September 22, 2021

There has always been a stigma that Ballerinas have to be skinny, but why? Studies have shown that young women previously or currently dancing ballet are more likely to  be preoccupied with weight, eating...

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Is Virtual Learning Coming Back?

Oakton High School going back to online school.
Katie Le, Editorial Board September 22, 2021

COVID-19 spread to the United States around March 2020. Cases appeared in every state including Virginia, especially in the NOVA area. In mid-March, FCPS decided to close schools down for two weeks after...

New teachers and their experience returning in-person

Reconnecting with students and teachers
Portia Dai, Editorial Board September 22, 2021

The entire student body has returned back in-person, initiating an adjustment period for students and teachers alike. To add an additional layer to the adjustment, new teachers Ms. Chough and Ms. Kondisko...

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