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Playboi Carti’s, Whole Lotta Red. Trash or Not?

Playboi Carti dropped is highly anticipated album Whole Lotta Red, and we're here to go over the timeline.
January 14, 2021

April 14, 2017. That was the date that Atlanta based rapper Jordan Carter, aka Playboi Carti, released his first album. Following the release of the album, named after Playboi Carti himself, Carti dropped...

The Future Musicians Club

Photo courtesy of Marius Masalar on Unsplash
Joining this club won’t be ♭
January 14, 2021

While the music and arts are a thriving community at Oakton through band, chorus, and orchestra courses, there hasn’t really been a place for musicians to connect outside of taking a class. Music classes...

Review of The Midnight Sky

Photo courtesy of Greg Rakozy on Unsplash
January 14, 2021

In 2049, Earth is overcome by a natural disaster leaving toxic radiation on its surface and forcing the entire human population to evacuate immediately. Scientist Augustine Lofthouse (George Clooney),...

Oakton’s Key Club Returns

January 12, 2021

Oakton continuously encourages its students to be more active in extracurricular activities. Specifically, Oakton promotes existing clubs, and has a process for creating clubs which can be taken by very...

December Digital Magazine

December 18, 2020

How Covid Has Impacted the Film Industry

Photo courtesy of  Felix Mooneeram
Examing the effects the pandemic has had on Hollywood
November 3, 2020

Due to the ongoing pandemic, it’s obvious many industries have been offset and damaged by the virus’s effects on society, and the film industry is no exception. Going to the theatre has always been...

Thrifting as a result of Tiktok

Photo Courtesy of Prudence Earl
Trendy or problematic?
November 3, 2020

The popularity of Tiktok has brought along many trends, some fun dances like the Renegade, and other more problematic ones, including body shaming filters and trends. While not every trend is blatantly...

Review of The Haunting of Bly Manor

Photo courtesy of imbd.com
Did Netflix hit their new show out of the ballpark?
November 3, 2020

  The Haunting of Bly Manor is a nine episode series on Netflix about a naive American nanny who travels to England. She manages to land a job homeschooling two elementary school children at an...

Local artists and self expression

November 2, 2020

To understand art is an art itself. Since the beginning of time, humans have found ways of self-expression, art in different forms. For each human there expressive art comes in different forms. That...

Food fit for fall

Photo courtesy of Toa Heftiba
A few recipe reviews for the season
November 2, 2020

With the crunch of red and yellow leaves and the cool, cloudy weather, it’s clear that fall is here! Now that the season has changed, seasonal recipes are making an appearance, including fall favorites...

Putting students to the test

ACT and SAT prep during the pandemic
October 30, 2020

Many upperclassmen have started to think about or are well on their way to applying to colleges. Seniors are polishing off and submitting their college essays to their dream and safety schools, while juniors...

The show must go on

How is the Oakton Drama Department putting on fall shows during a pandemic?
October 30, 2020

Oakton theatre is known for its fantastic fall shows, put on by drama three and four students. These shows take hours of rehearsals and hard work from the cast and the crew. But now in a time of uncertainty,...

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