Burger King Prepares to Launch “Impossible Burger”

Connor Maloney, Staff Writer

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   Burger King recently announced that the “Impossible Whopper”, a version of their classic Whopper burger made without any meat. It will be made available nationwide after the burger’s successful test runs in St. Louis. The restaurant chain released a statement on April 29th stating that it will be running the burger in more areas of the country before fully launching it nationally by the end of 2019.

   The Impossible Whopper is made possible by the company Impossible Foods’ patties which are plant based, yet still look and taste like meat. The burgers also use a type of soy found in plants and meat to simulate the juices inside of a burger. The burgers are considered much healthier options than the typical whopper, having 90 percent less cholesterol and 15 percent less fat. Taste testing among the Burger King employees and customers say that they can’t tell the difference.

   Burger King is just one of the many fast-food chains to join in on the Impossible Burger bandwagon, with others such as White Castle, Carl’s Jr., and Hardee’s having their own impossible burger recipes, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s recipe coming from Beyond Meat, one of Impossible Foods’ largest competitors.

  In the coming years, it can be expected that more fast food chains and local restaurants will be creating their own veggie and impossible burger creations, looking to appeal to those more concerned with what kind of food and how much of it they consume.