5 Tips to Read More This School Year


Abhi Sharma

Books HD

   We have just gotten through our third week of school and it seems like many of us are already sinking in a pile of essays, projects, and tests to study for, and are longing for the laziness of summer to return. With such a full schedule how can any highschool student expect to find time to read for fun? Let’s be honest, I don’t think anyone expects high school students to read for fun (the majority of us already have hundreds of pages of textbook reading to do) but if you’re anything like me, reading can be a way to destress and immerse yourself into a new world that doesn’t involve the pressures of the outside world. So here are five ways to read more this school year:

   1) Set Manageable Goals 

You are not going to find as much time to read during the school year as maybe you would have over the summer, so it is important to set manageable goals. Not everyone can get in one book a week, so maybe set a goal of two to three books month, and when you meet these goals you will feel encouraged to read even more. Setting goals isn’t just limited to the number of books you read per month, it can also be the number of pages you read a night. I try to read 30-40 pages per night but often find myself reading more.

   2) Borrow more books than you can consume

If you enjoy borrowing books from the library or buying multiple titles at once make sure you have a plethora of books at your fingertips at any time. If you are digital reader have a stockpile of books downloaded and ready so you can browse through and pick the one you are interested in. If you like physical books then keep a stack of books next to your bed (or wherever you find yourself reading the most) and you will most likely find yourself reading more than you initially planned to. 

   3) Set a time every day where you just spend reading 

Everyone has little rituals throughout the day like having a cup of coffee in the morning or putting on some lotion before bed. Adding a little reading every day in your schedule is a good way to make the act of reading a lot less daunting and more enjoyable. This can be right after school on your couch with a nice cup of tea, or right before you go to sleep in the comfort of your own bed. Wherever or whenever it is, it can be a great way to build a habit.

   4) Ignore any thoughts about reading books you “should be reading” 

While some might find inspiration in the list of “best” books, it is important to read for yourself. Read for your own pleasure and education, putting pressure on yourself in terms of reading will only get you so far. Teachers often recommended different books to students (usually classics) and they usually mean well, but you don’t have to read every single book someone recommends to you. By reading what you enjoy, you will find yourself making more time to read. 

   5) Carry a book everywhere you go 

This may sound simple but it can drastically increase the number of books you read in a year. Just simply putting a book in your backpack or purse on the way out of the house to read in between classes, after you take a quiz or a test, on the bus to and from school, or when you are standing around waiting for someone can really help. If you don’t want to make your backpack heavy or feel uncomfortable pulling out a book while waiting in line to get your movie ticket, I recommend listening to audiobooks or reading digitally using free apps such as Libby or Overdrive. 

Reading can provide a sort of escape from the busy world we live in, so go to your local library or bookstore and get reading!