What to make of Apples new iPhone releases


Will Locklin , Staff Writer

A new fall season is here and that can only mean one thing, new apple products.  Every September, Apple holds a conference at the Steve Jobs Theater in California where they announce new products to the general public.  Their highlight products at this conference are the new iPhone and this year three new phones will be released the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 plus, and iPhone 11 plus max.  The base model iPhone 11 comes with plenty of new features that will entice loyal customers. However, it may not be enough to get your everyday buyer to pony up over 700 dollars no matter which phone you buy.


This year Apple is releasing three new versions of the iPhone 11 each with varying levels of features and upgrades.  The new standard model has your usual upgrades of a better display, design, and camera. It will have the new A13 bionic chip which apple updates every year.  This chip improves the speed and quality of the phone while saving battery life. Apple is promising an all-day battery life for all of its new iPhone 11 releases.  Storage will also be improved as the standard model will have a maximum capacity of 512GB over last year’s 305GB. Water-resistance is being bumped up to IP68, up to two meters underwater for thirty minutes.  Green, yellow, purple and white will be all new colors available for all three versions of the iPhone 11. The biggest upgrade between the standard model and the pro and pro max is the camera. The iPhone pro and pro max will have three separate cameras on the back, two vertically on top of each other and one to the right in the middle of the two cameras.  The purpose of the extra lens is for users to be able to capture more with their photos. The third camera will work seamlessly with the other two to improve the quality and frame of each picture.  


The standard iPhone 11 model will be priced at $699, the iPhone pro will be $999 and the pro max will be $1099.  Apple has never had a problem with selling iPhone as they have a popular base of loyal fans that will accept and purchase any product they release.  As a result Apple tries to please the loyal customers instead of branching out and truly making innovative technology. Every year they advertise their phones as innovative and new to the phone market but the truth is this year the features and upgrades were generic and expected.  In the past Apples features they add to the iPhone like wireless charging, face ID, and bigger displays have been on the phone market already. The only difference is that these new features are on iPhones so they make the worlds best phone better. Apple has been doing this for years and still managed to be the world’s most popular phone brand.  Time could be running out for their run at the top unless they revolutionize the phone industry in the next few years. Everyday users do not feel the need to upgrade because their phone either works fine or the new iPhone is not worth the outlandish price. Value is a major factor for consumers, if a new iPhone has generic features and a high price tag then they will not feel the need to upgrade as long as their current phone works.  This year seems no different, the iPhone 11’s have no revolutionary feature to advertise so Apple will miss out on attracting everyday iPhone consumers.