RHYTHM+FLOW: The Voice According to Cardi B., Chance The Rapper, And T.I.

Claudia Messina, Editor in Chief

The Netflix original Rhythm + Flow is an uncensored alternative to the more family friendly singing competitions like The Voice. Being an avid follower of the rap and hip hop genre, I found this show intriguing because it gave an in depth behind the scenes of what it takes to make this music. Released on October ninth, this show hosts judges Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, and T.I., who travel to major prospect cities, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, and Chicago for auditions. There, each performer is given a chance to prove why they should win the show and if they get a majority vote, they move onto the next round. The performers are graded on many aspects, including, song composition, stage presence, song structure and meaning, speed, and most importantly flow. In order to make it to the next level, judges must see potential for or all of these aspects. After the first auditions, there are several other rounds that force the contestants to musically battle one another. The final round happens once there are four contestants left and is a task that is meant to replicate what it is like in the music industry. 

Aside from this show not being the most family friendly, it is also very controversial. It gives first hand insight towards the rap industry and many comments as well as lyrics

Adam Rose/Netflix

illustrate the societal standards rapper’s art has to meet, which isn’t usually mentioned in the general public. Like many other Netflix originals, this show challenges major live TV companies and productions. Netflix takes what would typically be a months worth of viewers waiting, recording, and watching new episodes every few days and compiles it into a folder that is ready for viewers with the press of a button. This initially seems like a good idea until Netflix begins to make its own shows and gain a more popular following than live TV shows. There have even been countless arguments about whether or not Netflix shows should be allowed to win Emmy awards. 

Despite its controversy, Rhythm+Flow seems like it has the potential to be popular among other teenagers and young adults, given that it highlights a genre that has a large following among those groups. The judges are well known and are guaranteed to make the viewer laugh, which distracts from some of the more cringe-worthy performances given by the contestants. Although this shows isn’t  the best quality, it takes the viewer on an entertaining and artistic ride and I highly recommend this show to anyone who finds the overall idea interesting. The viewer won’t be disappointed.