Truck in England: 39 Dead Bodies Found

kinsey clements, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, November 23rd, 39 dead bodies were found in a truck located at an industrial park in London. The deceased bodies consisted of 31 males and 8 females, one of which was a teenager, and it is believed that the victims were Chinese migrants attempting to cross the UK border. There is some suspicion that there were Vietnamese people on the truck, but further investigation is being done to confirm this theory. 

The truck is believed to have been from Belgium, but made it made its way to the English Port of Buffet where ambulance workers discovered the bodies and called the police. The operator of the truck was a 25 year old male, Mo Robinson, from Northern Ireland, and has been arrested due to suspicion of being the murderer. 

While Robinson was under custody, Northern Ireland police broke into the residence of his parents, and other places Mo has resided, in search of evidence. Unfortunately, no updates have been given on what has been found. In addition, Mo Robinson isn’t the only suspect of the investigation. Quickly after Robinson’s arrest, a man and a woman were arrested from Northern England out of suspicion of manslaughter and trafficking. 

After a considerable amount of investigation, Mo Robinson was charged on Saturday, October 26th with “39 counts of manslaughter, conspiracy to traffic people, conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration and money laundering,” as stated by officials.

This tragic event is currently being further investigated by police to figure out the causes of death, times of death, and the profiles of the 39 murder victims in order gain more information on this case