Clothing Exchange Drive

With the recent events happening in our world, from the amazon forest burning down to the millions of animals killed in the Australia fires,  it’s good to see some positivity happening in our community that positively impacts the ecosystem we’ve damaged. The Oakton Highschool environmental club has recently organized a clothing exchange drive, in which people can donate their used clothes and trade it for another one.

You might be wondering, how is this helping us? Or what’s the point of this? The purpose of this organization is to combat the effects and consequences of fast fashion by recycling old clothing. 

On Jan 29, in room 128 during cougar time, bring your old clothing and donate to the cause. Donations include shirts, pants or skirts, sweatshirts, jackets, etc. Items that will not be accepted include torn or damaged, stained, and dirty clothes. 

On the same day after school from 3-4pm, visit again to check out gently worn clothes. This project is an exchange, meaning that if you donate an article of clothing, you can trade it out for a different gently used one.

Amy Kim, a member of the environmental club says that “this project is a great opportunity for everyone to give back and benefit themselves at the same time too! I would highly reccomend attending this event and helping out our community in every way possible.”

It’s a commonly known fact that fast fashion causes many negative impacts to our environment. The factories that produce these articles of clothing also produce dangerously high levels of textile waste, water pollution, and chemicals- all of which greatly impact our environment. With all the negative effects of fast fashion it’s refreshing to see our community combat against this problem. It gives us hope for the future and inspiration to help our ecosystem in any and every way possible.