Good Non-Online Electives to take

Oakton High School boasts an extensive catalogue of electives to take, from leadership training to learning the inner workings of the human mind. However, it’s not always easy to know what electives to take, especially when there’s no longer an elective fair to attend, so Ms. Osbourne was interviewed on some of the electives that students report to enjoy the most. 



Psychology is a class available to Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. In this class, you learn all about the human mind, including such topics as how memory is stored, how the brain gets conditioned, and much more. Mrs. Butterfield teaches the class, and throughout the course you learn about the brain through fun and creative activities, so it’s not just lecturing. Although it’s not required to take Psychology before taking AP Psychology it is recommended. If you’re at all interested in learning about the human mind, then Psychology may be for you.


Studio Art & Design 

Studio Art & Design, formerly known as Art, is a Fine Arts course offered to all grade levels. In Studio Art & Design, you create artwork based on the guidelines of the assignment. There are four levels of Studio Art & Design. One example given by Danielle Colston (11) from Studio Art & Design 1 is creating a clay rattle. Although all levels of Studio Art & Design have loose guidelines to allow for creativity, the higher levels allow for more freedom, due to assignments being more ended, reports Danielle Colston. If you enjoy creating art, Studio Art & Design may be for you.



Photography is another Fine Arts course offered at Oakton to all grade levels, with four levels. In photography, you will explore basic photographic practices, black and white photography, and films, and light effects. The class also utilizes digital cameras to take photography, along with exploring basic darkroom techniques. If you’re interested in photography, then this class may be for you.


At Oakton, there’s an elective for anyone. If any of the electives detailed in this article pique your interest, and you have an elective slot that needs filling, then consider taking them. However, there are plenty of great electives that weren’t covered in this article, so if you still need an elective to take next year, then consider talking to your counselor, your friends, parents,etc. about what electives would suit you.