Oakton View on Iran and United States Nuclear Deal

Kinsey Clements, Staff Writer

One of the most talked-about current events among all the generations is Iran backing out of their nuclear deal with the United States. This was likely due to Trump authorizing the killing of one of Iran’s best generals, Soleimani. 

This epidemic has become somewhat of a viral phenomenon within the teenage population, but what do the teachers of Oakton have to say about this? 

When interviewing an AP Government teacher, who would like to be kept anonymous, they stated, “I think it’s quite surprising hearing how students are reacting to this issue. I think it’s because they have never experienced a legitimate threat to the United States was the other country is taking action so they don’t know how to respond.” In regard to Iran backing out of a nuclear deal with the U.S. and here is what they had to say: “I believe it is a pretty serious threat, as Iran has already attacked U.S. troops in Iraq, although I know we have the most powerful military in the world so that eases the nerves a little.” 

Donald Trump giving a speech on United States relationship with Iran.

Although Iran is now a threat to the United States, because of the multiple remarks they have made about attacking, the U.S., students should ease their fears from knowing that the U.S. has the strongest military. Furthermore, becoming informed about how the U.S. government works should help students from using social media memes as a way of coping with this event.