More Recognition for Foreign Films by the Academy

As film awards season progresses more attention is being placed on foreign films by media


As film awards season approaches, It’s become glaringly obvious that foreign films have begun to garner more attention and well-deserved recognition as of late. Films like Parasite, The Farewell, Pain and Glory, and Portrait of a Lady on Fire have become common titles to hear come up in conversation, and not just within circles of film fanatics. Although there’s foreign film categories in just about every respectable film award show, it’s not often for so many of them to reach popularity within the general U.S. public. This development as of late is a promising sign that in future years people’s horizons will continue to be broadened through viewing cinema from various locations and cultures that will lead to a more diverse taste in the film viewing experience. 

The most notable film that has gained popularity and piqued interest in many is Parasite, a complex South Korean film about greed and class discrimination through the use of the rich Park family and impoverished Kim family, directed by seasoned filmmaker and creative mastermind Bong Joon Ho. The film director and screenwriter has crafted other critically acclaimed films such as Snow Piercer, The Host, and Okja. Bong Joon Ho has gained further recognition through Parasite and can be considered a mainstream director in the U.S. for his work on the movie and also his wise words. After accepting his Golden Globe for best foreign-language film, the speech he made after accepting the award gained notice and admiration from media, particularly social media sites such as Twitter. “Once you overcome the one-inch tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films,” said Bong Joon Ho through his translator on stage. He then added, “I think we only use one language: the cinema”. 

Parasite isn’t the only foreign film to rack in awards. The Farewell, directed by Lulu Wang, tells a heartwarming tale of family bonds and how far we’ll go for the ones we love. The movie as a whole has yet to win an award (this could change during Oscar season), but lead actress Awkwafina has won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a motion picture Musical or Comedy for her role in the show, as well as a Satelite Award and Gotham Independent Film Award.