Oakton Students’ thoughts on the Oscars 2020

Lizzie Thompson, staff writer

The 2020 Oscars seemed to add even more to scrutinize the already ridiculed award show. From the lack of female directors nominated and the absence of a host for the show, the Oscars continued its tradition of being a problematic award show. These aren’t the only things that upset many people, lots of movie watchers thought that many actors and movies were snubbed. While many movies seemed to dominate the award stage, many people thought that most of the best movies and actors were snubbed in this year’s award show.

Surprisingly, many Oakton students thought that Parasite, despite its many nominations and wins, was left out of the best ensemble cast category. Though the students agreed that it was amazing that a foreign film won best picture and directer, they still felt that the actors weren’t represented in the nominations and wins for their amazing performances. Michelle Xiao, a sophomore, said, “They were so good. They didn’t get enough, it’s not like the Oscars’ haven’t given one movie like every award, so why couldn’t they do that for Parasite.”

Students also felt that the movie Rocket man and it’s lead actor Taron Egerton deserved, at the least, nominations for things like their costume design, and best actor. Ilana Reed, a junior, said, “The movie was so cool, like they could’ve been nominated for so many things. The set, and the acting was so cool. They made the main actor look just like Elton John and then he (Taron Egerton) literally became him, I don’t understand why they weren’t recognized for it.” Best Actor went to Joaquin Phoenix which students aren’t mad about, since it was agreed that it was an intense role for him, but students still wished that their favorite actors could have been acknowledged for their work.

With all of these upsets about the awards and nominees, a sense of deja vu is in the air due to this being a regular occurrence with almost every award show and Oscar year. Though it’s easy to see how difficult it is to pick a winner out of all of the different films, we can still hope that maybe next year the Oscars will be able to get it right.