Quarantine Communication

How to stay social while social distancing


Photo Courtesy to Adam Nieścioruk on Unsplash

Veronica Preaskorn, Staff Writer

Every teenager will agree that the hardest part of quarantining and social distancing is the inability to see their friends. With schools closing almost without warning, no one was able to say their goodbyes. Although many parents claim their kids spend too much time on their phones, many students use their phones to continue to connect to the friends they can not see anymore. There have always been a lot of apps solely for connecting with others, but many more have been invented or gained popularity recently. 

Many students have been taking advantage of pre-downloaded apps, such as iMessage and FaceTime. Jessica Badger (10) says it’s because “it’s already on my phone and it’s faster than downloading new apps. I also don’t really have any other [social media] apps on my phone other than Instagram.” Lily Torrans (10) expands on this, “[iMessage] is free and everyone has a phone.” 

However, one high schooler, Madison Hughes (10), took an old school approach. She says, “I chose to mail my friends letters, because it’s a lot more personal and fun.” Even with social media and instant replies, it’s fun to receive a letter and wait for the reply. 

Virtual movie nights have also grown in popularity. Apps like Kast allow one user on their laptop to broadcast their screen with their friends and use a chat box on the right of the screen to provide commentary and opinions on the movie or show. 

Other apps like Snapchat and Instagram which have already been common are being used more frequently. Matthew Wright (10) says, “I like instagram because you can easily send your friends posts.” 

The most important takeaway is that, even without school and being able to see friends in person, there are many ways to keep in touch with your friends.