What To Know About The Next Generation Gaming Consoles

Will Locklin , Staff Writer

2020 will mark the start of a new generation of gaming consoles for the next decade.  Sony will be releasing the Playstation 5 while Microsoft will be releasing the Xbox Series X.  Both consoles will be released during this year’s holiday season.  So far, Xbox has given more information away regarding their next gaming device such as the specs, design, and games for the new Xbox.  Playstation has released the specs and new controller with mixed reviews from gaming fans.  The next generation of gaming consoles will be very competitive as always.  


To date, Sony has kept a relatively tight leash when it comes to releasing important information about PS5.  The hardware and specs information has been discussed in great detail by Mark Cerny.  The conference was aimed towards developers, not gamers so most of the discussion included a detailed and complex look at the ps5 specs.  All the ps5 specs are a major upgrade from the ps4 but are lacking in a couple of key areas compared to Xbox. Ps5 will have less GPU power and initial storage space compared to Xbox.  3d audio is a new feature that Sony is pushing for the ps5.  Developers want to revolutionize how immersive gaming experience can be by making the sound from a game feel like it’s coming from real life instead of the tv.  Sony has unveiled the new ps5 controller with a different name than usual.  Dualsense has a different look with primarily white color and a chunkier build than normal Playstation controllers.  Backwards compatibility will be available on the ps5 but only for ps4 games and certain ps3 games.  The complex software for ps5 makes it so that older games cannot be run on the next-generation consoles.  


Microsoft has revealed the full design, specs, and some games that will be available on the new Xbox Series X.  The console itself looks like a mini-tower pc rather than a traditional gaming console.  The color is as always all black and the controller is not much different than the previous one.  There are a few minor changes in that there is a new share button in the middle and the dpad will feel different when pressed on.  The specs for the new Xbox are impressive as the new console will be four times as fast and powerful as the previous Xbox One.  Specs-wise there is a 1TB SSD card and 16 GB of GDDR6 Ram.  Additionally, Xbox will have a powerful GPU with 12 Teraflops at 1.825Ghz.  The new Xbox will be fully backwards compatible with the ability to play Xbox 360 and even original Xbox games from the first generation of consoles.  At launch, Xbox will be releasing a new Halo game as well as several other titles such as Hellblade 2, Scorn, and Warframe.  The price of both consoles has not been officially announced but they will most likely be between 400 and 500 dollars.  As both companies release new information about their respective consoles, the gaming wars for the next decade have just begun.