Is Amy Coney Barrett the right choice for office?

We don’t need another far-right point of view in office

Senate advances Amy Coney Barrett nomination ahead of final confirmation vote
Creator: ANNA MONEYMAKER Credit: AFP – Getty Images

Trump announced his nomination for the next Supreme Court Justice to be Amy Coney Barrett following the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Barrett has a far-right conservative outlook, which raises concern with liberals. Currently, the Supreme Court holds five Justices with a more conservative view, and four Justices with a more liberal view. Confirming Amy Coney Barrett would tip the scale for a more conservative standing in the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court is prioritized with interpreting the constitution, and with that, they determine whether the laws and actions of our government are constitutional. Kimberly Stewart, a government teacher at Oakton High School, states that “ if there is… a disagreement regarding law or action of government it can make its way all the way up to the Supreme Court… and we have seen many historical instances that have had major impacts.”

  There is no denying that Judge Barrett is qualified for the position. She graduated from Notre Dame University. She was a law professor and was confirmed as a judge in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. She also was a clerk to Justice Antolin Scalia, a firm conservative vote and an originalist (someone who interprets the Constitution under the conditions when it was first written).  

When Barrett was announced as Trump’s nomination she spoke how she believes that Judges should focus on what is written in the constitution not base their decisions on religious or personal beliefs. But that does not calm the nerves of Liberals, because Amy Coney Barrett has a far-right point of view when it comes to major topics of discussion like gun control, LGBTQ rights, immigration, and abortion laws. The main concern for Liberals is that appointing Barrett would reverse the work of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who was a consistent vote for the left. 

It is known that Trump wants to appoint justices that will overrule major cases such as Roe v. Wade, which established abortion as a constitutional right. Confirming Barrett is another step closer to achieving that goal. Not only is abortion rights at risk, but the Affordable Care Act is as well. Her vote against the Affordable Care Act would take away health care for millions. 

Even though Judge Barrett advocates for herself as someone who does not allow personal beliefs to affect her work, she still is known for a far-right perspective, which threatens the rights of women and the LGBTQ community. Instead of progressing towards a better society, Amy Coney Barrett could disrupt decades of hard work by activists.