Marvel’s Wanda Vision has just concluded, are you caught up in the MCU?

How are you ready to prepare yourselves for Marvel’s Phase 4?

Aubrey Leverett, Staff Writer

As the release of Marvel’s final Avengers movie (Avengers: Endgame) still lingers slyly in the back of everyone’s mind, Marvel posted their scheduled release for several new shows and movies to come for the next couple of years. Kicking off Phase 4 on a great start was the highly popular WandaVision.

2021 MCU series WandaVision (

For those who aren’t familiar with the show, it’s mainly about the aftermath and effect on Wanda Maximoff (the Scarlet Witch) after the death of her former partner and Avengers member Vision. Vision, who was originally designed to be a weapon of war against the Avengers by Tony Stark’s creation and enemy Ultron, was given the Mind Stone, one of the 6 infinity stones, and therefore given life and his own interpretation of it. After he joins the Avengers to defeat Ultron he also saves Wanda from the destruction of Sokovia. Before that, she had allied with Ultron because of her hatred towards Tony Stark after one of his missiles killed her mother and father, and trapped her brother Pietro and her in their family home for 3 days. But after Ultron’s true intentions to kill millions are revealed, she fights him and joins the Avengers.

In Avengers: Endgame when Thanos is looking for the infinity stones, the Avengers try to find a way to remove the Mind Stone from Vision’s head without killing him. Alas, the plan goes astray when Vision is caught fighting one of Thanos henchmen and they’re thrown out of a window. Wanda tries her best to destroy the stone before Thanos can get it but after she manages to, he turns back time with the Time Stone that he stole from Dr. Strange, and she is forced to watch him die a second time.

WandaVision takes place only a few days after the funeral of Tony Stark (Iron Man). After the death of Vision, Wanda is unable to move on and seeks out his body so she can bury him and give him a proper funeral. She tracks down his body at a special government task force called S.W.O.R.D. The director of SWORD, Tyler Hayward, intended to take and turn Vision’s body into an agent of war for the United States Government. As Wanda tries to say her final goodbye to Vision she finds a letter in her car from him. A map of a town called Westview. She drives there to find the base of a house just starting to be built. On her map, the house has a heart surrounding it that says “Too grow old in -V”. This is the cause of her emotions taking control of her powers by the Reality Stone.

These series of events are everything that led up to and were the causes of Wanda’s taking over Westview. Now the show itself is riddled with easter eggs and fan theories. One of the biggest ones being centered around Agatha Harkness and the Scarlet Witch. Agatha Harkness is a powerful witch and teacher of Wanda Maximoff. In the comics, Agatha was the one who taught Wanda how to control her powers. But as it was revealed in the 8th episode Wanda is actually a self-taught witch whose powers were first used to stop the bomb that fell into her childhood home from exploding. After finding out about the power that Wanda uses to take over WestView, Agatha infiltrates it pretending to be a friendly neighbor. In reality, Agatha has been controlling a lot in the show including bringing a fake Pietro to be Wanda’s brother, leading Vision to the outside of the hex, and killing sparky.

Besides Agatha, there are some other characters that we see from the MCU that had been previously introduced. Some like Dr. Darcy Lewis from the Thor movies, Monica Rambeau, Captain Marvel’s best friend’s daughter, and Jimmy Woo, the FBI agent in charge of watching over Scott Lang. These three characters were a very integral part of the series being that they were the only three who truly wanted Wanda to come out of Westview still alive. Especially Monica as in the final episodes of the show she finally gains her powers. Monica can absorb energy. In the comics, that is what her superpower is. … But she stops short of saying this is explicitly what’s happening to her in the WandaVision portrayal of her, even as we see her certainly seem to absorb electromagnetic energy and gain some powers in Episode 7.” ( The gaining of her powers and the first credit scene of her talking to a Skrull officer about joining Nick Fury at SWORD headquarters is the set-up for what we are to guess as Captain Marvel 2.

But as I draw this article to a close we have one last thing to cover and that is the last few minutes in the final episode. Wanda defeats Agatha and goes home with Vision and their two kids Tommy and Billy. Wanda knows that she needs to free all the people she kept captive with her powers. She puts her boys to bed and in a truly somber moment says goodnight knowing it will be her last time seeing them. Wanda and Vision share an equalling mournful second saying their final farewells as Wanda shrinks the Hex surrounding Westview, the townspeople released of her powers, and her beloved family gone. She leaves Westview before the FBI gets to her and recluses herself from the outside world. Now here is where we get to our final credit scene at the very end of the episode. We see that Wanda is sitting on a Log cabin porch in the mountains. She gets up holding her coffee walking back inside and we see that the camera cuts away from her and shoots to another room. We see the Scarlet Witch sitting in the air using her powers to flip through Doctor Strange’s book The Darkhold. In this scene, Wanda is searching multiverses to find her family and in the last couple of seconds, we hear her son’s voice.

That is where the series ends. This scene has already been voiced to be the setup for Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness. In fact, the movie was supposed to come out as soon as WandaVision ended but it was delayed due to Covid-19. Even at the start of the series fans everywhere have told their own theories of the show and the rest of the MCU’s Phase 4. Especially since The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is to release their first episode on March 19th, 2021. It features Sam Wilson (the Falcon) and Bucky Barnes (the Winter Soldier), after Captain America chooses to give up his shield to Sam Wilson, the short series is basically just a buddy show and the aftermath of the loss of their friend. Hopefully, I’ll get to talk about it after its first episode airs but fingers crossed that it will already have some pretty cool fan theories. Alas, as I end this article I hope Marvel fans everywhere are excited for our upcoming new movies and shows like Thor: Love and Thunder, Black Widow, and Loki. Marvel’s Phase 4 should definitely be one for the books.