Graduation 2021

What we know about the ceremony, and what we don’t

Charlie Williams, Editorial Board

COVID has made this year one of massive unpredictability. From continued school cancellations to mask mandates, 2020-2021 has been anything but normal. Thankfully, a chance at normalcy remains as the school year begins to wind down; graduation. While the class of 2020 was deprived of a proper send-off due to the virus, the recent decrease in cases and deaths has given schools hope for a COVID-safe graduation ceremony for the class of 2021. So far, this is what we do (and don’t) know about senior graduation this year.


Do: location

The 2021 graduation ceremony will be held at Jiffy Lube Live. With a holding capacity of 25,000 and outdoor seating options, it’s the ideal place for a COVID-conscious event. Social distancing protocols will be followed, and masks will likely be required.


Don’t: attendance

With the event still being planned and graduates still registering for caps, gowns, and seats, there’s no way to tell yet just how many people will be coming. Remember, every graduate has a family that will likely attend with them, which raises the question of how best to distance families. A head count will be essential to planning in accordance with COVID health procedures. 


Do: date

The ceremony will be held on June 9th at 9:30 am. The last day of school for Oakton seniors is May 28th, which gives them time to prepare for their graduation.


Don’t: certainty

As with all COVID-related matters, the promise of a normal graduation relies primarily on the infection numbers continuing their downward trend. Should the virus spike again (as it had at various points through last year) graduation planners might have to reconsider the safest way of holding the event.