Scrumptious Summer Snacks

what to eat when there isn’t school to keep you busy


Photo provided by Harsha K R

During the summer more than the any time in the year, choosing the right snacks is important. In a time when there is much less to do and the only place to get free food is your fridge, options are limited. Or are they? These snack ideas can help to keep you busy and healthy (at least some of the items on the list are) during the summer.

First of all, let’s start with what might already be there in your fridge and pantry. Watermelons are the best fruit for the summer, as they are considered a superfood and have lots of great nutrients. Also, they can be enjoyed in many different ways, but just be careful not to eat the seeds! Another tasty and cold food for a hot day is ice cream. Everyone loves eating ice cream by the poolside on a hot summer day, and indulging in this tasty treat will definitely be earned given how much you will sweat in the hot weather.

Not only are there snacks to eat already, but there are also quick and easy snacks to make snacks such as ants on a log and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are very easy to make, and have a good variety of nutrients in them. Ants on a log is made by taking celery and spreading peanut butter over them, then adding raisins on top. These are easy to make and a healthy alternative to other snacks, while being surprisingly filling.