Viva La Elvis

elvis might be the king of rock & roll, but is he the king of movies?


photo by Warner Bros. Pictures

Julie Cena, Staff Writer

 With Elvis taking the world by storm in the 50s, it’s only right to have a movie to explain how he came to rule the world of Rock and Roll. The movie, Elvis, came out this summer on June 24, 2022 starring Austin Butler as Elvis and Tom Hanks as Colonel Tom Parker. The movie follows the events of Elvis’ life prior to his fame and the events that took place throughout his career. 

 Sophomore, Simone Ernst, said, “I like the movie, I thought it was pretty good.” However, she expressed her distaste for the cinematography and mentioned that it’s, “filmed like an Instagram edit or made using iMovie.” One can agree that the editing decisions were a bit strange in that the flickering lights and slow motion gave off the Instagram vibe. On Austin Butler’s portrayal of Elvis, Simone Ernst said, “I thought he did a good job, his costuming was on point and he had the voice for it.” She explained that her overall experience was pretty good, despite wishing the movie was shorter.

   The one thing that was a little unsettling was the relationship between Elvis and his mom. Throughout the movie Elvis’ mom is worried that his relationship with his fans will come between them. The words that are exchanged between the two are uncomfortable to hear and a bit disturbing. In one scene, his mom expresses her worry about him going on tour, in response to this he says, “You’re my girl. My Satin. You’ll always be my bestest girl.” After this they shared a long hug, their faces pressed together. Watching this was uncomfortable and wasn’t perceived as a mother and son relationship. 

 Despite the unnecessary length of the movie, it was a good experience and fun to watch with friends. Austin Butler’s performance was incredible to say the least, and his portrayal of Elvis was uncanny. The movie did a good job of putting Elvis’ life behind the curtain into perspective for those who never saw what went on after Elvis got off stage. Overall the movie was an enjoyable time and definitely worth watching at least once.