No Phones, Why Now?

“Phones must be silenced and put away during all instructional periods,” SR&R.

Photo by Ray Stewart/

Anisa Nur, Staff Writer

The new school year has just begun and students have been caught off guard with a new policy enforced by the students right and responsibility (SR&R). The SR&R policy states regarding grades 9-12, “phones must be silenced and put away during all instructional periods.”

Although some students are unfamiliar with such a strange concept, many teachers have previously implemented no phones during lessons prior to the policy. Because it is basic courtesy to not use your phone when the teacher is talking, this policy is not difficult for many to adapt to. Teachers spend hours of their time outside of the classroom to best demonstrate their lectures. Therefore, the only task asked of students is to pay attention; which can be difficult with the distractions cell phones cause. 

A report conducted by Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization that promotes safe technology and media for children explained that, “50 percent of teens ‘feel addicted’ to mobile devices.” It also stated that 8 percent of teens check their devices at least hourly, and 72 percent of teens feel the need to immediately respond to texts, messages on social networks, and other notifications. 

Additionally, it is an adjustment for students to shift from complete cell phone use to not being able to access it entirely after returning to school from summer vacation. Therefore students will evidently have a hard time adapting and will complain. However, the studies conducted prove the clear distractions caused, leaving only one effective solution.

Due to cell phones being a tool for emergencies, many argue the safety issues banning phones will cause. Some teachers have been collecting phones as soon as students enter classrooms while others ask for students to put them in their bags. Because of the safety concern, in case of an emergency, a middle ground proposal for students to place their phones in their bags, which will ensure easy access, is the best solution.