Is Twitch Dying?

Landon Jimenez, Staff Writer

What’s Going On?

Many streamers on the famous app known as Twitch are angry because of this change to the app. 


On September 21st, twitch announced that their 70/30 money split rule is now being changed to a 50/50 split. Now all funds from streamers are being cut in half, which causes them to lose money. People also accuse Twitch of favoritism due to them allowing huge streamers to keep their 70/30 split while small streamers will be stuck with the 50/50 split. Some streamers who didn’t get the 70/30 split can appeal for it, but many have been rejected. This may discourage people from donating to their favorite streamers, as they know that half of their money is not going to the streamer. 

What Will Streamers Do?

Since the split rule was changed, Streamers have already moved to YouTube to gain even more money. The exciting thing about this is that YouTube has not altered its 70/30 split, meaning streamers are moving to YouTube to stream there instead of Twitch. YouTube could end up being the most popular entertainment channel because of Twitch’s fatal mistake. Twitch will implement this rule in June 2023. Twitch is giving a chance to streamers to appeal for a 70/30 split, but June 2023 might be the month that most streamers move onto YouTube, killing their app by a long shot.