Christmas is Coming. Too Soon?


The Holiday season is filled with many traditions and controversies.  One of the most frequently debated is when is it time to start celebrating Christmas.  Some say it’s never too early, others say after Thanksgiving and a few people even say you should wait until December 1st.


The other day I was over at my local shopping center and saw people putting up Christmas decorations before Halloween had even happened yet.  It seems every year people are celebrating Christmas earlier than the year before.  Society needs to have universally acceptable rules and regulations, one of which prevents celebrating Christmas before December 1st.


Just because Christmas exceeds the revenue generated by the other Holidays doesn’t mean we should disregard Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Every Holiday has a purpose or we wouldn’t bother celebrating it.  The time is long overdue to give the other fall Holidays the respect they deserve.


Celebrating Christmas too early takes away from what makes the holiday special.  It’s why you only get one Birthday a year.  Ray Bradbury said it best “Too much of anything isn’t good for anyone.”  So, in order for Christmas to remain a special occasion, we need to do our part in not over celebrating.


In conclusion, this is why we should not start celebrating Christmas before December 1st.  People who want to celebrate Christmas early are just eager to rush through the bad parts of life to get to the good parts.  You won’t get to live forever so you should just enjoy all parts of life, the good and the bad.