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Gun Violence Tragedy At UVA Charlottesville


Photo by Natalie Chaney with permission by Unsplash

Tragedy struck the University of Virginia Charlottesville campus on November 13th after a school field trip. A student by the name of Christopher Darnell Jones Jr, shot several students leaving three dead and several injured. According to CBS News, the deceased victims were identified as Devin Chandler, Lavel Davis Jr. and D’Sean Perry, the school’s very own football players. May they rest in peace and may their families stay strong in these trying times. 

After the crime was committed, Jones Jr was taken into custody. According to UVA’s Chief of Police, Jones Jr faces three charges of  murder in the second degree as well as three counts of possession of a firearm. 

The police immediately issued a shelter-in-place order on campus, essentially stating that no student or teacher on the property could leave campus until allowed. The police conducted a thorough search of the students until everyone was considered clear, lifting the order 24 hours later.

After this attack, the students enrolled in the University of Virginia college and especially those related to the victims are left in shock and despair. Even if gun violence is being brought to awareness, it’s evident that these attacks are, in fact, increasing in frequency. Fellow student, Nithya Rajesh, has an older sibling residing in the UVA. When asked how the news affected her, she responded that the whole event was, “[V]ery nerve wracking to hear about […] [She] stayed up all night listening in on the police scanner and other UVA updates just hoping for the best.”

It’s clear that the threat of gun violence is real and very possible for anyone. Nithya’s views on the topic remain, “Pretty consistent,” but despite that, her, “[C]loseness to the situation will continue to affect [her] views on gun control.” Within these events, it’s important to remember how real families could face the possibility of never being whole again. Nithya stated clearly that after these numerous events, that schools and officials must, “[C]atch the signs of suspicious patterns and behaviors so we can stop future tragedies like this from happening.”

Here, students face an unknown threat, and within the Oakton community resides many bright individuals with positive futures and intentions. In order to understand and advocate for these issues, the people of Oakton must take some responsibility to make the world a safer place, especially when legislature cannot/will not. Hope for change is not lost, and it starts with communities like Oakton’s.