Who Will Play In The Super Bowl?


Photo courtesy of SportsLogos.Net Photo licensed under creative commons

Tyler Donaldson, Editorial Board

Although most people consider Thanksgiving to be the peak of the NFL season there are many other games of critical importance that happen later in the season.  Not to mention, playoffs and the Super Bowl.  With playoffs starting in the third week of January, this means many more games are left to decide the future of the NFL Playoff picture.


This year’s NFL season has been an interesting one, teams like the Giants and Jets are doing well out of the blue as well as teams like the Packers and Buccaneers struggling to gain traction.   The Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams are riding a five game losing streak.  In the NFC the Vikings and Eagles look poised to make a playoff run.  In the AFC, the Bills and Chiefs appear to be strong contenders.


The NFL Playoffs are full of famous games like the Ice Bowl.  The Ice Bowl was the coldest NFL game ever played.  At kickoff the temperature was – 13 degrees fahrenheit.  As the game went on, the temperature fell to – 18 degrees fahrenheit.  Another famous game was the 1958 NFL Championship Game.  There were 17 future Hall Of Famers involved in this game from players to coaches to even an owner.  It has become known as the “Greatest Game ever played.”  This game was the first time an NFL team had used the “two minute drill” to win a football game.


What do this year’s playoffs have in store for us?  One can only guess.  If the season ended today, every team in the NFC East would have a winning record with the Eagles having home field advantage in the playoffs.  In the AFC, the Chiefs would have home field advantage with the Bills and Dolphins close behind.