NFL Free Agency 2023

Which NFL stars moved and how it will affect the 2023 NFL season?

NFL free agency is a time when players have finished their contract with their current team, and are able to sign a contract with a new team. This period begins in early march and lasts for several weeks. Free agency can be exciting for players, fans, and teams. Players can go when they feel they have the best chance to succeed and win. Fans get to watch NFL news unfold in real-time and watch stars move to different teams that will forever change the NFL. Teams can improve their roster and this time period is when the best teams separate themselves from everybody else. Every year there are winners and losers of free agency. 


One winner is the New York Jets. The Jets acquired several key players and are on the way to securing a deal with the Green Bay Packers for 4-time MVP Aaron Rodgers. The Jets already had a solid roster last year, outside of quarterback, so if Rodgers plays as he has in the past, the Jets become a serious contender. 

Next, the San Francisco 49ers. They added the best defensive tackle on the market, Jason Hargrave, to go along with an already stacked defensive line. They got rid of an old veteran QB and now have more money cap space for other key players. It seems obvious the 49ers are likely to make another deep playoff run. 


One loser is the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs lost star tackle, Orlando Brown, while also replacing him with a worse player and paying him more money. Kansas City also lost several solid receivers who helped them on their Super bowl run last year. Unless KC can turn it around, like they always do, their chances of defending their title are slim. 

Another Loser is the Baltimore Ravens primarily for the fact they are losing former MVP, star QB Lamar Jackson. Jackson was injured midway through the past season and since that injury relations between him and the team have soured and Jackson has officially requested a trade from the team. Meaning he will no longer be a part of the Ravens organization.  

There were lots of star players moving around this year and several teams that might’ve found the one key part of the team they were missing. And without the hole in their team, who knows what they may be able to accomplish this upcoming season? Finally, due to free agency, there will also be several teams that were good last year that essentially fall off a cliff, giving improving teams new opportunities to succeed.