Making Oakton Greener

the history of earth day and how to celebrate

Earth Day is celebrated all around the world on April 22 to bring attention to the environment and ways we can help save the planet. In the spring of 1970, Earth Day was founded by  Senator Gaylord Nelson. He wanted to raise awareness about environmental issues. It’s an annual opportunity to discuss environmental problems that affect our community and the world. Amid the ongoing climate crisis, celebrating Earth Day is more important than ever.  Earth Day promotes the environmental movement and creates a safer planet.  More than 1 billion people every year come together and help protect our planet. Every year there is a theme of the day, this year it’s “inventing our planet.” The goal is to have business, the government and all citizens to improve the environment.  There are

photo by nyla kathuria

many small but effective ways anyone can help protect the planet. Some ways include reducing, recycling and conserving water. For four billion years the Earth has been around. The goal of Earth Day is to help preserve it as best we can. Taking steps today to promote a healthy environment can prevent future generations from living in a polluted environment. Earth Day is a reminder of our beautiful planet and the responsibility we have to take care of the environment. The creation of Earth Day has led to various environmental laws including, the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species act. Earth Day’s message has also created an impact on those all around the world.

Some ways that the Oakton community is celebrating Earth Day is “working on native pollinator gardens and bringing some variant wildlife to the Oakton area” said Genevieve Lacey , Environmental Club Co-Vice President. Some ways the Oakton community can continue to contribute to Earth Day is “people need to work on their awareness and start to realize things that are bad for the environment”.  Another way we can gain more awareness in the community is

Earth Day has become a leading light for the ongoing fight against climate change and providing a forum for people to get involved in taking care of the environment. Earth day may not be a big holiday, but it sure can make our planet, our home a whole lot greener.