Taylor Swift Eras Tour : The Ticket Prices Aren’t Ever Going to Have a Cheap Era

Why the ticket prices are only becoming more expensive


Photo from Pixabay, licensced under Creative Commons

   Taylor Swift. Nearly everyone knows that name all too well, as she has become known by many as one of the greatest singer-songwriters of this generation. Some may even say that she is the greatest. With all that being said, it was no shocker when millions of Swifties rushed to buy tickets for the renowned singer’s Eras Tour. The Eras Tour was announced by Swift on November 1, 2022, and features a setlist composed of an array of songs from each of her albums, also known as her eras. Eventually, while many fans were thrilled to get to see their idol perform live and were fortunate enough to get the tickets to do so, others weren’t so lucky, and were left distraught over this. With all of this chaos occurring, one thing remained constant ; the ticket prices. While some Swifties’ hopes and dreams were crushed due to not getting tickets, the prices only continued to skyrocket after. While the Eras Tour continues, the prices will continue to never have a cheap era. 


   Originally, when the tour was first announced, ticket prices could be pricey for some, but weren’t too drastic in price. The ticket price range was $49 to around $449 on Ticketmaster. The prices depended on where the person purchasing tickets wanted to be seated. While some were lucky enough to get these mainly reasonably priced tickets, others were in utter disbelief when they saw the prices listed for tickets, with some even being as expensive as, according to MusicinMinnisota.com, “$12,000 to $20,000.” Since the Taylor Swift tickets were in such high demand with little to no supply, some people resold their tickets for such high prices due to the want for them. Many people saw these prices as too expensive, and rightfully so as a price such as $20,000 was much more than they thought they would have to originally pay to get tickets. Even with most of the people who didn’t originally get tickets deciding to not buy the now extremely expensive tickets, some fans were desperate to see Taylor Swift live, and thus bought the tickets. This whole aspect of the ticket prices being so expensive was a disappointment for many, and it wasn’t even the only bad part.


   Another downfall involving the Taylor Swift Eras Tour tickets was when Ticketmaster crashed. During the presale for the Eras Tour tickets, Ticketmaster’s site repeatedly froze and eventually crashed multiple times. This led many fans to be outraged and incredibly upset, as some of them were very close to acquiring the much desired tickets, only for the site to crash in the process. Eventually, there was an investigation started involving the owner of Ticketmaster related to the Taylor Swift ticket presale crash. Taylor Swift released a three paragraph statement in response to the Ticketmaster incident, and seemed sympathetic towards those who didn’t get tickets. As of now, June 2023, prices for Swift’s shows have stayed expensive, with the cheapest being around $1000. While this isn’t nearly as expensive as $20,000, it’s still out of many people’s budget. 

While some were happy because they were able to get tickets for the Eras Tour and some were left heartbroken due to their lack of tickers, through it all, the tickets remained the same ; Expensive.