Demi is Confident

Ashley Shepard, Staff Writer

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Demi Lovato has stormed the charts yet again with her new album, Confident, released Oct. 16. The 23-year-old started on this album over a year ago with her record label, Safehouse Records, co-founded with fellow pop-star Nick Jonas. Lovato wrote “Old Ways” based on her struggles with body issues, bulimia, bipolar, drug addiction, and self harm for which she seeked treatment for in November 2010. This album is a mix from soul-pop, as seen in the song “Wildfire,” R&B “Yes,” and Hip-Hop “Waitin’ for You.” Many of the songs have an electric feel, which appeals to the teenage audience she is trying to reach. The background music adds a new depth in her songs and works very well with her loud and powerful voice.

On the softer side of Lovato’s new album, “Father” relates to her father’s passing in 2013, after his struggle with mental illness for majority of his life and battle with cancer in his last years. “Father” touches many hearts and relates to many listeners real life experiences. Over all, this album is a huge hit for Demi Lovato, her new record label, and her career. She is truly confident in her music and the person she has become.

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