Ashley Shepard, Staff Writer

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On the morning of May 10, 1996, climbers from several groups led by Rob Hall (Jason Clarke), Scott Fisher(Jake Gyllenhaal) and many others began their final ascent to the summit of Mount Everest — the highest point in the world. Clarke and Gyllenhaal brought you into the movie and made you feel like part of the adventure of climbing Everest. With little warning that a violent storm was headed their way, the climbers were hit with a catastrophic, fierce, and dangerous endeavor .As the storm grew stronger, the climbers grew weaker and weaker, fighting for their lives at the highest point in the world.

Everest is very exciting and thrilling. The actors and actresses portrayed the fear that those climbers felt on Mount Everest, and executed the feelings and emotions beautifully. Everest was actually not based off the book Into Thin Air by climber Jon Krakaeur. Krakaeur wrote the book about his experiences climbing Mount Everest and his struggles in the descent. When Krakaeur was asked about Everest, he said, “It’s total bull, anyone who goes to that movie and wants a fact-based account should read Into Thin Air.” Although Kraekauer did not approve of the movie, many people and critics enjoyed the movie and the sense of adventure it gave them.

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