A Selfless Servant

Leadership on and off the field


Nick Sims, Staff Writer

Elias Lindsey attends Oakton High School, and has been around the Oakton community for as long as he could remember. Since his freshman year, Lindsey has been involved in Football, Track and Field, and has been a member of the Leadership. Now, as a senior, Lindsey is a prominent member of Leadership, and has been a vocal leader for both, the Track and Football team. Over the years he has become not only a better athlete, but a better person because of all that he has learned during his time in Leadership.

“Being in Leadership has taught me what it means to be a leader; I consider more of a lead by example type of person”, said Lindsey. This past season, Lindsey’s role on the football field increased, due to injuries and a lack of depth. Throughout the season, Lindsey has been an exemplary teammate and always put the team before himself. He has been a two-way player this season, playing running back and defensive end, and was an All-District player at both positions. Time and time again, Lindsey has sacrificed his body for the betterment of the team; while playing through minor injuries, Lindsey was able to help lead his team to the playoffs.

“I have learned to be selfless and look for the betterment of my team as a whole. In order for me to be a successful leader in anything I do, I always try to bring positivity to the atmosphere”, said Lindsey, when asked about his methods of leadership. As a captain on both football and track, Lindsey has applied the lesson he’s learned from Leadership to his approach to his respective environments. Lindsey mentions that he strives to be a servant leader; he wants to assist anyone that comes to him to the best of his ability. Lindsey aspires to make being a leader a natural part of who he is.

Elias Lindsey exemplifies a true leader, and a selfless friend and teammate. He realizes that he will never be a perfect leader, but he strives to do all that he can to make those around him better. His love and passion for what he does, is also a factor to why he tries so hard to help his teammates and colleagues achieve their collective goals. The football season has ended, and it didn’t go as planned, but now he looks forward to the upcoming track season. One season ends, and another begins, but the selfless attitude of  Elias Lindsey is endless.