The Number Don’t Lie

Even critics can’t the deny the greatness of Deshaun Watson

Nick Sims, Staff Writer

With the NFL Draft coming up on Apr 27, this can be a stressful time for many teams. During the draft, all 32 teams are looking for players that can make an impact; no position on the football field impacts their team greater than a quarterback. This years’ quarterback draft class is seen to be a weak one, but through duds, one quarterback shines the brightest, Deshaun Watson.Many analysts would agree that Watson is without a question, not only the best quarterback in this draft class, but he is also one of the greatest college football players ever, and he has everything to back it up.


  Watson, who grew up in Gainesville, Georgia, had plenty of reasons to be driven growing up. From growing up poor, to living in a bad area, to his mom being diagnosed with throat cancer before he started high school, Watson has been motivated and driven to not only provide for his family, but to also become a great quarterback. Watson, certainly became a great high school quarterback after setting state records for total yards, total touchdowns, career passing yards, and career touchdowns. What set Watson apart in college were the goals he set for himself before setting foot on Clemson’s campus, becoming Clemson’s starter as a freshman, winning an ACC and a National Championship, and graduating from college in three years; but the numbers and the statistics are what set Watson apart in this year’s draft.


  When evaluating the quarterback in the 2017 NFL Draft, the other players that at the top of teams’ draft boards are North Carolina’s Mitch Trubisky, Notre Dame’s Deshone Kizer, and Texas Tech’s Patrick Mahomes. During this time, when NFL teams are evaluating these players, every single mistake, whether it is on or off the field, is scrutinized; the scrutiny follows all players, including the ones who are near perfect. Over the past three years, Watson has been just that for the Clemson Tigers, with a 32-3 overall record, being a two-time Heisman Trophy finalist, while being named the best quarterback in the country twice, making two College Football Playoff appearances with one National Championship win, both times facing a Nick Saban-coached Alabama team in the biggest game of the year. Watson has been known for intangibles such as his leadership,his ability to elevate the play of those around him, and his knack for playing his best football on the biggest stages.


 Watson continues his quest to prove his status as the number one overall quarterback in this draft. After participating in the combine last month, throwing during his pro day this past week, he will move on to personally meet with teams leading up to the draft.         Through his college career, Watson has shown his ability to put up the number in a high flying offense while  surpassing over 12,000 total yards and 100 total touchdowns over the past three seasons. When comparing Watson to the other quarterbacks, there is no contest; Trubisky is only a one year starter, who struggled against the tougher competition, and Deshone Kizer has gone 12-11 over the past two years, while finishing 4-8 this past season because of his inconsistencies. Trubisky has been viewed by some to be the best quarterback in this class, ahead of Watson, and Kizer is seen as the most physically gifted of the three, but both the lack the intangibles and resume that Watson possesses.
  Although Watson seems like the perfect pick, one thing that teams have been cautious about when it comes to him has been one thing: turnovers. Over the last three years, Watson has thrown over 30 interceptions; the decision making and turnovers are things that turn teams away from Watson. Although Watson has turned the ball over more than most would be comfortable with, many can could be the cause of the players around him or the offense he is in; regardless of his flaws, Watson has proved to not only be the best quarterback in football over the last three years, but he has become the most dominant player and the face of college football.